Asian for the Occasion

OTT’s SS17 collection is a brilliant line-up of all the best parts of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese traditions (with a touch of Indonesia and Malaysia). 

It’s no secret that the Chinese are one of the world’s largest groups of travellers to Dubai and more importantly for local brands, are huge consumers of luxury goods – shopping is one of the first things they do when travelling to the UAE.

“Asia’s recent influence on the luxury market is conveyed through OTT’s SS17 resurgence of Eastern-inspired opulence,” says one of the brand’s owners – both Dubai-based brand owners have chosen to remain anonymous: a refreshing change in today’s Instagram-obsessed, ‘be your own brand’ society. 

1 / 10

Japanese obi belts to Chinese gold lamé dragon prints, floral prints reminiscent of spring’s cherry blossoms, kimono gowns – but the cheongsam (China’s traditional formal dress) is the star of the show. Balinese- and Mongolian-inspired headdresses also make an appearance.

La Femme’s favourite part of the line is the neon influence of the campaign shoot, which was captured here in Dubai – the Blade Runner + Kill Bill influence is easy to see in the exaggerated brow and eye make-up, the neon nails and bold black and blue lips against backdrops that scream, “more is more”. 

OTT is stocked in S*uce, Bloomingdale’s and Salam Studios in the UAE.

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